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A possible career change...science policy

Hi Everyone,
My name is Karma and I'm a Ph.D. candidate at U.C. Berkeley in Physical Chemistry. I'm still pretty early in the grad school process (with about 3 years before getting my Ph.D.), but I'm quickly becoming disillusioned with science research. I'm certain that I can't devote my life to doing this research...it seems completely pointless to me on so many levels (I am a spectroscopist who studies ultrafast reaction dynamics in solution).

I've been looking into changing careers to a science policy program...I'm looking into focusing on water quality/public health issues in developing countries or renewable energy research, but I am leaning towards the water quality stuff. From the research I've done, it seems possible to change fields from science to a more applied science policy career post-Ph.D. by doing an appropriate post-doc. But all of these ideas are very new to me and this fall I am going to begin taking some public policy and economics courses @ The Goldman Public Policy School here at Berkeley (although I can only swing one per semester because of TAing and such).

So I just wanted to introduce myself and give you my story. I'd love to get a better feel for the field and meet some people that might be able to teach me some stuff...hopefully I can contribute to all this new stuff too.
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